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On February the 9th  the Solar Orbiter spacecraft has been launched from Cape Canaveral One of the instrument  on-board Solar Orbiter is Metis. The Ifn-Cnr Padova resear-chers have been involved in the design, realization and calibration of the instrument.

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Intervista Enrico Prati al Tg1 sulla Supremazia Quantistica del Computer Quantistico di Google Link RAI



CORIFI-AEIT and CNR  organize   the End-User  Industrial Photonics4Automotive dedicated    to photonics technologies for the Automotive Value Chain, in the frame of . The workshop will take place on July 3rd 2019, from  9 am  to  2 pm, at Politecnico di Torino – Lingotto building , via Nizza 230 Torino and is co-located with the conference Automotive 2019. Spon-sor are H2020 project NextPho21 and the Photonics Public Private Partnership Photonics21      Co-sponsors: Politecnico di Torino, University of Parma and industrial clusters Torino Wireless, MESAP and Polo ICT.
Attendance to the workshop is free upon registration.

See the Agenda.

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The research group led by Prof Giulio Cerullo from the Politecnico di Milano together with Dr Tersilla Virgili from IFN- Milano  in collaboration with  two others  CNR institutes (NEST and   NANO), has studied the photophysics   by ultrafast spectroscopy of poly (3-hexylthiophene) configured with  different degrees of supramolecular ordering. In combination with theore- tical modeling, the  experimental    results reveal the origin of the primary photoexcitations, the observation of optical gain  in nanostructured opens   the possibility to the use of polythio- phene nanostructures as building    blocks of organic optical amplifiers     and active photonic devices.

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The Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (CNR-IFN) carries out innovative research in the fields of photonics and of nanotechnologies considering both the fundamental aspects and those applied involving the development of novel photonic devices and systems, optoelectronic equipment, and electronics devices. CNR-IFN is tightly integrated with the national scientific community and collaborates with the major international Universities and research centres through targeted projects funded by main national and international agencies and foundations. 

CNR-IFN belongs to the National Research Council (CNR), a public organization who is in charge to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.