On September 1st the H2020 European project PROCHIP led by the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies (IFN-CNR) had started. The goal of the project is to realize by femtosecond laser writing a high-throughput super-resolution microscope in a microfluidic chip smaller than a coin. The microscope will allow high resolution imaging of hundreds of cells at the diffraction limit and beyond, with minimal photo-toxicity. The targeted breakthrough is to interrogate cancer heterogeneity at single cell level by classifying freshly isolated cancer samples based on their chromatin architecture to use chromatin alteration as a marker for cancer.

PROCHIP Project has been granted 2.5 million euros from the EU H2020 FET Open programme. The 3-years project will be carried out by an international consortium of 6 organizations from 3 European countries: CNR – coordinator (Italy), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (United Kingdom), Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy), Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (France), Universitè de Angers (France), Elvesys (France).