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Fotonica is the meeting place of the Italian Photonic Community where the most advanced research achievements in photonics are presented and discussed. The Conference covers all aspects of photonics, with a particular emphasis on applications in several fields such as telecom, sensors, energy saving, lighting and health. Padova hosted the 19th edition: FOTONICA 2017. The IFN attended both the scientific events and the exhibitor’s showcase.

Presidenza di IEEE Photonics Society Italy a Ricercatrice IFN

Silvia M. Pietralunga, Ricercatrice di CNR- IFN Milano, è stata eletta alla Presidenza della IEEE Photonics Society Italy per il biennio 2017/2018.

 La Photonics Society di IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) annovera – a livello mondiale- più di 100.000 soci, e costituisce un ambito di occasioni di crescita scientifica e professionale nel settore della fotonica, con particolare attenzione alle sue applicazioni.

Tra le missioni della IEEE Photonics Society sta la promozione della cultura tecnica e scientifica, con promozione e sponsorship di pubblicazioni, conferenze, seminari ed eventi.

Per ulteriori dettagli e possibilità di collaborazione potete contattare Silvia Pietralunga

Nature Scientific Reports
Optical frequency comb sources provide thousands of precise and accurate optical lines in a single device enabling ultra-broad-band and high-speed detection spectroscopic measurements. Within a fruitful collaboration between Politecnico di Milano, University of Yale, and IFN-CNR Milano a novel spectroscopy technique based on the combination of a frequency comb source and a fibre spectrometer is developed able to resolve the single comb mode in 0.85 THz optical bandwidth. Being based on all-fibre technology, the system is inherently low-cost, lightweight and may lead to the development of a new class of broadband high-resolution spectrometers.

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The Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (CNR-IFN) carries out innovative research in the fields of photonics and of nanotechnologies considering both the fundamental aspects and those applied involving the development of novel photonic devices and systems, optoelectronic equipment, and electronics devices. CNR-IFN is tightly integrated with the national scientific community and collaborates with the major international Universities and research centres through targeted projects funded by main national and international agencies and foundations. 

CNR-IFN belongs to the National Research Council (CNR), a public organization who is in charge to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.