Optics and spectroscopies

Research Area

CNR-IFN has a long-standing experience in the development of cutting-edge laser sources and advanced optical spectroscopies. 

Thanks to our expertise on lasers and optics development, we build laser sources covering the entire spectrum from the terahertz to the X-ray. Some examples include sources based on high-harmonic generation, optical parametric amplifiers and optical parametric oscillators.

The development of advanced spectroscopy technologies exploiting these laser sources allows for  the investigation of the primary processes of light-matter interaction. The beamlines present at CNR-IFN have unique characteristics offering a platform for e.g. time-resolved spectroscopy with extreme temporal resolution (from hundreds of attoseconds to few tens of femtoseconds), ultrahigh precision optical spectroscopy or hyperspectral imaging.

Applications include fundamental atomic and molecular physics, biochemistry, biomedicine, material science, aerospace, communication and quantum processes.

Here below you can find the most representative research activities associated with this research area and carried out through a strong connection between six IFN research units.