Optical instrumentation for space astronomy

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Optics and spectroscopies

CNR-IFN is strongly involved in the design and realization of optical instrumentation for space astronomical applications.

In particular, the CNR-IFN Padova team has been responsible for the optical design and calibration of the UltraViolet Coronagraphic Spectrometer (UVCS) spectrograph, on board the SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), and the Osiris-Wide Angle Camera (WAC) for the ROSETTA mission.
As for present flying missions, for the ESA Bepicolombo mission, CNR-IFN Padova has been actively involved in the design, realization and calibration of the Stereo camera (STC) of the SIMBIOSYS instrument and the ultraviolet spectrometer (Phebus). For the ESA SOLar Orbiter (SOLO), CNR-IFN Padova has been involved in the realization and calibration of the Metis coronagraph.

As for future space missions, CNR-IFN Padova is responsible for the development of the optics for the ESA Ariel mission (Telescope Product Assurance Responsible: P. Zuppella) and owns the PI-ship of the EnVisS camera for the Comet Interceptor mission (EnVisS Lead Scientist: V. Da Deppo). It is also involved in the study of EUVST for the Solar-C mission.

As for proofs of concept of an innovative low-noise FTS instrument, two flights on a stratospheric balloon have taken place for the FTS instrument prototype (PI: F. Frassetto) in the framework of the HEMERA program.

Specifically, the instruments and missions in which CNR-IFN is/has been involved and contributes to the implementation are:



People involved

Da Deppo Vania
Chioetto Paolo
Cocola Lorenzo
Corso Alain Jody
Frassetto Fabio
Poletto Luca
Zuppella Paola


Research Fellows

Casini Chiara
Comisso Antonela
Lara Senter



Associated Researcher

Naletto Giampiero

Pelizzo Maria Guglielmina

Naletto Carmen

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