Paolo Chioetto obtained his MSc in Computer Engineering in 2001 and his PhD in Sciences, Technologies, and Measurements for Space in 2023, both from the University of Padova. He is also a graduate of the MBA program at IESE Business School in Barcelona, which he completed in 2006.

After gaining several years of experience as a software engineer, project manager, and account manager, Paolo Chioetto joined the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies (CNR–IFN)-Padova as a researcher in 2019.

His research experience spans various fields, including optical and opto-mechanical analysis and design, AIV management (Assembly, Integration, and Verification), optical simulations, characterization and calibration of optical instruments, optical metrology, characterization of optical coatings, data science, and science outreach.

Paolo Chioetto has extensive knowledge of space mission development procedures and standards, as well as expertise in Product/Quality Assurance (PA/QA) management.

Currently, he is actively involved in ESA’s Ariel mission and contributes to the Comet Interceptor and Solar Orbiter missions as well. His work on these missions involves utilizing his expertise in optical engineering and instrument development.

Research Activities

Optical instrumentation for space astronomy

Nanostructured optical coatings

Research Unit


Contact Details

CNR – Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies

via Trasea 7, 35131 – Padova, Italy