The Nanofabrication facility at Rome is located in a 500 square meters, 100-1000 class (ISO5 – ISO6) clean room. The facility is devoted to the fabrication of advanced optoelectronics components, microsystems and solid state devices and detectors. The core equipments include a wide range of fabrication (e-beam lithography, photolithography and thin-film technology) as well as nano-diagnostic tools. The objectives is set-up a facility allowing to support companies operating in the field of micro-nanoelectronics by providing several services:

  • supply new materials
  • development of processes and devices
  • design and characterization of materials and devices
 NanoMicroFab will exploit the expertise as well as the equipment available and those to be acquired to offer services and products in the area of sensors and microsystems, including:
• Processes to deposit functional materials and fabricate solid state sensors for chemical and physical sensing (gas sensors, tactile sensors,
biosensors, strain gauge, …)
• MEMS (accelerometers, giroscopes, …)
• Microsystems (microbolometers, metamaterials)
• Lab on chip (microfluidic,…)
• Functional characterization of sensors