Open position: Research scientist in Biophotonics

Novembre 27, 2023

About the job

The Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (IFN), the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, is a part of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), the National Research Council of Italy. It is based at the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano, located in the Milano Leonardo campus, a renowned university quarter commonly referred to as “Città Studi” (City of Studies).

IFN is an innovative research institute specializing in the study of photonics and nanotechnologies. Committed to exploring both fundamental and applied aspects of these fields, the institute focuses on the development of novel photonic, optoelectronic, and electronic devices and systems. Applications encompass a wide range of fields, including biomedicine, space, food, energy, and the environment. The institute collaborates with major international universities and research centers on targeted projects funded by significant national and international agencies and foundations.

Role Description

This is a full-time temporary position, with a two-year contract and the option for renewal after the first year, for a Research Scientist in Biophotonics. The primary focus will be on vibrational imaging and spectroscopy, covering mainly spontaneous Raman approaches, but also, eventually, coherent Raman, FT-IR, Photothermal, and Brillouin approaches, depending on the candidate’s expertise and project requirements.

The contract will be a Research Fellowship (assegno di ricerca), configured as a Post-doc (post-dottorale) (preferred) or Post-grad (post-laurea) position, depending on the candidate’s CV.

The successful candidate will be based in Milan and will have the flexibility to work from home (approximately one or two days a week, if necessary, when experiments are not running in the lab).

Responsibilities include using, optimizing, and potentially developing methods and techniques for label-free imaging and spectroscopy of biological systems. The candidate will integrate acquired knowledge, implement and develop technologies tailored to specific problems in medicine and biology, and work autonomously in sample preparation, data collection, data analysis, reporting, and drafting scientific articles. Additionally, the candidate should be capable of training and supervising master’s students and/or PhD students.

The candidate will work in a highly interdisciplinary environment, collaborating with people with backgrounds in physics, engineering, optics, biomedicine, and data analysis, including AI.

The research activity will be directly supervised by Renzo Vanna, a senior researcher (Primo ricercatore) at IFN, in the context of a EU project focused on vibrational imaging and spectroscopy for biomedical applications. In this context, the candidate will have the chance to interact with a broader environment, including the VIBRA group (Politecnico di Milano) and the international consortia of three EU projects.

Most of research activities will be carried out using a recently assembled home-built Raman(+Brillouin) confocal microscope for the study of biological samples (e.g., cancer biopsies, bones, cells) without excluding the development and use of new tools e.g., (deep Raman, Photothermal, etc.)

The research group activities will include group meetings, journal clubs, seminars, and participation in international conferences or short-term exchanges.

Please note: this is a first job advertisement aiming to explorative interviews. The position will be finally awarded through a public competition, and the salary will be determined based on the current public rules for ‘assegni di ricerca,’ considering the candidates’ expertise and the type of contract (post-doc or post-grad).


The ideal candidate should have:

  • A PhD (preferred) or a master’s degree in biophysics, biomedical engineering, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, or equivalent experience and qualifications.
  • Experience in the use and/or development of vibrational spectroscopy techniques (Raman is preferred, but also related techniques such as FT-IR, PT, Brillouin).
  • Proficiency in data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (in English) and the ability to work in an international research team and collaborate with partners at other research institutions and industry
  • Ability to work well in a team, manage multiple tasks with flexibility, and adapt to changing priorities
  • (Optional but a plus) experience in the design and implementation of optical setups and measurements
  • (Optional but a plus) experience in utilizing biophotonic tools for the characterization of biological systems.
  • (Optional but a plus) experience in cell/tissue culture or tissue preparation and knowledge of basic laboratory analytical techniques.
  • (Optional but a plus) experience in programming with Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and/or C++
  • (Optional but a plus) track record of scientific publications and presentations at national and international conferences


To apply use the LinkedIn form or just contact


The position will be open until December 13, 2023