Andrea Farina obtained his Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2006 and his PhD in Physics in 2009 from the same institution.

Since 2011 he has been a Staff Researcher at the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the National Research Council (IFN – CNR) in Milan. From 2011 to 2017 he was a contract professor of Physics at Politecnico di Milano.

His research activity focuses on the development of innovative techniques for multi-dimensional imaging of biological tissues using computational techniques, including diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and spectroscopy (DOS), multispectral fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), single-pixel imaging and compressed sensing.

Common aspects of his research are (i) the use of time-resolved techniques on the ps scale, such as time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC), (ii) the modelling of the light propagation in biological tissues using analytical, finite-element, and GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo methods, and (iii) the development of image reconstruction methods.

He collaborates with Politecnico di Milano (Italy),  the University of Florence (Italy), University College London (UK), and Universidad Jaume I (Spain).

He is the Coordinator of the Marie-Cure Doctoral Network COnCISE (COmputatioNal Imaging as a training Network for Smart biomedical dEvices”, focused on the development of imaging systems based on a data-driven, adaptive and Machine Learning approaches involving 11 doctoral candidates.



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