Caterina Gaudiuso received her Ph.D. in Physics in 2016. Then she was Post-Doctoral reseacher at the Physics Department, University of Bari and at Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the National Research Council (IFN – CNR), research unit of Bari. She was awarded a grant from Fondo Sociale Europeo “Research for Innovation (REFIN)”, project no. FEB1B50F, and held a (non-tenure track) Assistant Professor position at the Physics Department, University of Bari since December 2020 to November 2022. In November 2022 she obtained a permanent position as a researcher at the IFN-CNR, research unit of Bari. Her research interests are focused on the generation of bursts of ps-delayed laser pulses, the study of the ablation and incubation in burst mode processing and the exploitation of laser surface texturing to control the contact properties of surfaces.


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