Dr. Sara Cibella (PhD in Physics) is permanent staff researcher at the IFN  in Rome since 2012. She has expertise in fabrication of micro and nano devices by means of optical and electron beam lithography, thin film technology and etching techniques. She develops superconducting detectors, working in the submillimetre and millimetre wavelengths, including their electrical and optical characterization at cryogenic temperatures. Since her PhD experience, during which she spent several years working with cosmologic groups in Rome and in California-Santa Barbara, she had the opportunity to improve her background in the field of detectors and superconducting technology. She then got the opportunity to improve her fabrication skills tanks to the European space mission BEPI COLOMBO, in which she has been involved for several years since her PhD. Thanks to the collaboration with the group of  prof J.  Faist (CNR unit coordinator of  ERC FP7 MUSIC project  “Quantum Metamaterials in the Ultra Strong Coupling Regime”), she expanded her knowledge in the THz field  and she upgraded her cryogenic lab equipping, in order to perform a complete  characterization  of her THz detectors fabricated in lab.  All these experiences naturally flow in the cultural background needed in two national projects both in the field of KID detectors (Aluminum and YBCO). Recently  she has been granted by the ACTPAHST4R board for the Project“Single artificially designed structure for manipulation of electromagnetic radiation”. At the present she is working in pushing the high frequency limit of the HEB detectors for comb based THz spectroscopy application and atomic and molecular broadband spectroscopy applications.

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Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100, 00133 Rome, Italy

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