Ennio Giovine is staff researcher at CNR-IFN Rome from 2008. He got a master degree in Physics form La Sapienza University of Rome and a PhD in Physycs from Tor Vergata University of Rome.
He carried out his research work in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. He worked extensively on fabrication of advanced nanoelectronic devices on semiconductors and their characterization and has a consolidate experience of electron beam lithography (EBL) and MEMS fabrication techniques.
Main research activity topics: hydrogen in semiconductors, high mobility 2DEG in SiGe, nanowires and SET fabrication, ballistic transport and Coulomb blockade, diamond MESFET fabrication, nanometric metallic gate electrodes with field plated (T-gate, Gamma-gate, F-gate) in GaAs and GaN for HPA or LNA, and Schottky diodes broadband THz detectors, MEMS tuning-fork gyroscopes.
Other activities: superconducting THz detectors, metamaterials, ZnO nanostructures for energy harvesting, patterning of plastic and metallic flexible substrates, surface nano-patterning for biological applications.


Research activity

Nano/microfabrication, sensors, opto-electronic device

Research unit


Contact details

ARTOV (Area della Ricerca di Tor Vergata)

Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100
00133 Roma, Italy
+39 06 4993 4738