Nano/microfabrication, sensors, opto-electronic devices

Advanced sensors and optoelectronic devices are essential for the next generation applications in a number of fields including IoT monitoring systems, health care solutions, telecommunications, safety, environmental monitoring, as well as for scientific base research.

Nano/micro-fabrication and advanced characterization capabilities available at the IFN labs in Rome are the key enabling ingredients for the development of novel devices and systems employed in fundamental physics experiments as well as in applied research.



  • Solid state devices for photonic neural network
  • Advanced materials and nanostructures for energy and biosensing
  • 2D materials based micro/nano-electronic devices and sensors
  • THz, UV, IR photo-detectors
  • Surface acoustic wave devices
  • Single photon emitters and counting devices
  • GaN based amplifiers for space applications
  • Kinetic Inductance Devices (KIDs) far base research



IFN has full access to a micro and nano fabrication facility hosted in 650 sqm Clean Room environment (“NanoMicroFab” Research Infrastructure of the CNR). A complete set of equipments for substrate patterning and device fabrication is available, including e-beam nano-lithography (electron beam lithography – 50kV RAITH Voyager), photolithography (double-face contact mask-aligners), thermal and e-beam evaporators with tilted angle deposition option (Au, Al, Ti, Cr, Ag, ZnS, CaF2, …), sputtering deposition systems (Al/Nb; Ti/Al/Cr), ICP-RIE dry etching systems (for Silicon deep etching), reactive ion etching (fluorine and chlorine chemistry), ECR-CVD/PE-CVD semiconductor growth  (Si, SiO2, Si3N4), atomic force microscopy, field emission gun SEM.


Characterization labs are equipped with instrumentations for measurement of electrical, optical and piezoelectrical properties as well as optoelectronic response from the THz to visible range, and up to UV. Characterization facilities ranging from NIR to FIR are equipped with several different sources (QCLs at THz frequencies, CW and pulsed lasers at 1550 nm wavelength) and with GM and pulse-tube cryo-coolers with optical access and DC and RF electrical feed through.


People involved:

Ennio Giovine

Sara Cibella

Annamaria Gerardino

Marialilia Pea

Cinzia Caliendo

Giorgio Pettinari

Andrea Notargiacomo

Francesco Mattioli


Research units:




  • NEHO (Horizon Europe – EIC PATHFINDER)
  • EQUAISE (Horizon 2020 – QuantERA)
  • SINGLE (Innovation project agreement ACTPHAST 4R)
  • SARGAN (“Amplificatore a stato solido in banda X per SAR spaziali, con tecnologia nazionale”. ASI project in the framework of the call “TECNOLOGIE ABILITANTI TRASVERSALI”)
  • Lifeplast Sens, DRUIDA (Regional Projects)
  • MISTRAL (Subcontractor-PON-Sapienza)
  • COSMO (Prin 2017)