Photonic band gap systems for all-optical sensors

Reliable optical sensors engineering is a key transversal technology to support innovation and digitization in various application fields. They are potentially applicable in harsh context, thanks to their robustness to electromagnetic disturbances and the use of glasses make the systems resistant to chemical attach and usable on large temperature ranges.

The competencies of IFN are related to the fabrication and assessment of:

  • mechanochromic sensors for chemical and mechanical sensing based on different photonic platforms: 1D photonic, photonic crystal fibers, direct and inverse opals.
  • All-optical gas sensors fabricated with glass based thin films, Photonic bang gap structure, or photorefractive glass ceramic waveguides that allows for either local or distributed sensing.
  • Flexible waveguides and photonic crystals for strain sensors with optical readout.
  • Metallo dielectric photonic structures such as infiltrated artificial opal for sensing application.


Physical Sensors



Chemical Sensors



Sol-gel active coatings for spherical microresonator



Rare-earth materials for light source and integrated photonics



All inorganic glass-based materials for flexible photonics


People involved:

Chiasera Alessandro

Chiappini Andrea

Ferrari Maurizio

Tran Thi Ngoc Lam

Carpentiero Alessandro

Varas Stefano



Research units: