Ultrafast Nonlinear optics

High-gain parametric down-conversion (PDC) is a source of bright squeezed vacuum, which is a macroscopic nonclassical state of light and a promising candidate for quantum information applications. The experimental research activity performed in Como under the supervision of Dr. Jedrkiewicz (at Insubria University, detached unit of IFN-CNR Milano) concerns the study of the coherence and correlation properties of the twin beam generated in by broadband parametric sources in bulk or periodically poled nonlinear crystals. In particular the research activity targets the generation and characterization of multimode (in time, space and polarization) and multipartite entangled states of light, giving special attention to the pump beam/pulse shaping (in space and time) for the engineering of these states. Applications of this work, which is developed in collaboration with the theoretical group of Dr. Gatti, are related to quantum imaging, quantum microscopy and quantum sensing. Models and simulations in the quantum domain of multimode light generation, propagation and detection are developed.



People involved:

Jedrkiewicz Ottavia

Gatti Alessandra


Research units:

Como (Milano)